Freitag, den 02.07.2004 - Live aus dem Mendelssohnsaal der Musikhochschule:

Vortrag von Anne La Berge (Amsterdam)

Anne La Berge, pioneer flutist/composer, working since the late 70's with interactive computer systems, microtonality, improvisation and as a leading interpreter of contemporary chamber music will present her work to students of the Hamburg Hochschule and the general public on July 2004.

She has recently been composing structured improvisations which use the Amsterdam institute STEIM's software (LiSa and junXion) and the commercial Clavia MicroModular for playing and manipulating samples and for modulating and filtering acoustic instruments. Anne La Berge has focused her performer/composer career on integrating the acoustic western classical instruments with technology without sacrificing the power and nuance capabilities that both worlds can offer. She will also explain her involvement in Georg Hajdu's not only as performer but as a contributing composer.

She will explain and demonstrate how she uses the flute and technology in her work and also in other composer's works which she has commissioned. As part of her demonstration she will perform a version of drive for flute, electronics (Clavia MicroModular, game controllers) and computer.

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